Event 8313

After de-commissioning some SharePoint servers, you might notice the above error on the remaining WFEs /Application server’s event viewer. There will be quite a few of them. This happens because SharePoint still has a reference to the removed servers’ URI endpoint. The event viewer error message will contain a message beginning with:

An exception occurred while updating addresses for connected app {6783ce5e-c88h-4021-8d5b-12614875cbfa_b79f19ab-1d40-4824-9911-3466cf8b070a}.

Verify if this is in fact what’s going on with your farm!

Open SSMS and run the following query against your Config database:

SELECT ID, Properties
FROM [Objects]
WHERE Name LIKE ‘%6783ce5e-c88h-4021-8d5b-12614875cbfa_b79f19ab-1d40-4824-9911-3466cf8b070a%’

That guid in the where clause is from the error message in event viewer.
Have a look under the Properties result from the query. Check to see if it is making a reference to the server you removed. If it is note the ID in the resultset and open an administrators cmd or posh window and run:

STSADM -o deleteconfigurationobject -id

When you return to Event viewer the messages will have stopped.

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